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Updated: 07-18-17

Alfa Matrix Tribute to Front 242

We are extremely honored to have been asked to take part in this new 2CD tribute to Front 242 from our label Alfa Matrix! We collaborated with longtime friend Chase Dobson ( on the track Gripped By Fear.

METROLAND . commando mix
AD:KEY . kampfbereit
IMJUDAS . don’t crash
SIN.SIN . loud
NEIKKA RPM . body to body
ALIEN VAMPIRES . happiness
AYRIA . headhunter
IMPLANT . lovely day
AVARICE IN AUDIO . welcome to paradise
ACYLUM . serial killers don’t kill their girlfriend
SCHWARZBLUT . im rhythmus bleiben
STAR INDUSTRY . tragedy for you
REGENERATOR . religion

ELEKTROKLÄNGE . funkahdafi
ELM . operating tracks
KANT KINO . no shuffle
TECHNOIR . circling overland
DIFFUZION . masterhit
CIRCUITO CERRADO vs. C-LEKKTOR . moldavia/neurobashing
NÖVÖ . kinetics
VENAL FLESH feat. Chase Dobson . gripped by fear
LLUMEN . u-men
XMH . neurobashing

Playing 4/28 with Youth Code & Technophobia

We will be sharing the stage with the raw industrial duo Youth Code and our friends Technophobia April 28th in Baltimore MD @ Club Orpheus. This show is going to be fucking brutal so if you're in the area you absolutely cannot miss it!!!

[ event info ]

Worshiping At The Altar Of Artifice OUT NOW!

Our debut full length Worshiping At The Altar of Artifice is now available from Alfa Matrix! It is available in 1CD standard edition, 2 CD limited edition boxset, or digital (with all bonus tracks). You can order now from The Alfa Matrix Store [ here ], just about any Industrial music related distro, or any reputable digital store.


1. Cortege of Impure Flesh
2. Grotesque (Self-Portrait)
3. Emulgent Disfigurement
4. Needles
5. Apostate
6. Servant Of The Scalpel
7. Curette
8. A Fire Infolding Itself
9. Perdition (f/ Lexincrypt)
10. The Black Prism
11. Incurable

bonus disc
1. Second Offering To The Altar
2. Grotesque (Original Portrait)
3. Stasis
4. Amyloid Plaque
5. Tissue Mill
6. Kuang Eleven (club mix)
7. A Fire Infolding Itself (A7IE remix)
8. Grotesque (Dunkelwerk remix)
9. Stasis (Mnemonic remix)
10. Grotesque (Adeonesis remix)

mastering by Sebastian Komor

Press release from Alfa Matrix:
With the release last April 2015 of the EP “Sacrament To The Scalpel” on the Alfa Matrix label, Washington DC act VENAL FLESH definitely triggered huge expectations in the hungry dark elektro scene. Dan Barrett (aka rhythmic noise act WORMS OF THE EARTH) and DJ/model VanityKills together craft music for people looking for an evolution of the heaviness of classic terror EBM, enhanced with complex structures and deep themes.

Scheduled for release in March 2016, their debut full length album “Worshiping At The Altar Of Artifice” will not deceive you. Musically, VENAL FLESH strive to further what we could describe as the “classic” dark elektro sound inspired by bands such as SKINNY PUPPY, ASLAN FACTION, IN SLAUGHTER NATIVES, UNTER NULL, VELVET ACID CHRIST, YELWORC or yet SUICIDE COMMANDO.  While focusing on hammering dark terror EBM sequences, the duo also manages to insufflate a dense, heavy and somewhat melancholic atmosphere in their work which somehow shapes and characterizes the VENAL FLESH trademark sound. Their heavy crunchy beats and distorted vocals battle against unsettling haunting ambiance and complex multi-layered melodies, the whole reinforced by the mastering skills of label-mate studio guru Sebastian R. Komor.

This full length album aims to truly begin to delve into the mythos of VENAL FLESH’s concept, exploring the juxtaposition of desire for physical beauty with fanatical religious devotion. The duo explores here the abyssal torments of imperfection and the struggle to attain transcendence and perfection via self-mutilation, plastic surgery, advanced medicine and more. All of this done with darkened, haunting overtones and sacred/arcane influence supported by a strong inspiring visual concept and artistic design… VENAL FLESH stands out and brings substance back to the harsh elektro genre, and brings it all its meaning and excitement...

This deluxe carton box edition comes with a bonus 10-track CD holding 5 exclusive songs plus 5 alternative remixed versions.

Matrix Downloaded 005

You can check out a totally re-worked version of Grotesque (Self-Portrait) from our forthcoming album on the new Matrix Downloaded 005 compilation from Alfa Matrix! This comp features nearly every single (active) band on the label as well as some new signings, so don't miss it. As always it's pay-what-you-want.

[ Get it here ]

News 12-1-2015

Just a quick update to say that I've edited our discography section to reflect all of our recent compilation and remix appearances.

To that effect, check out our remix of fellow Alfa Matrix artist Cynical Existence appearing on their new Echoes EP.

In other news, everything for the new full length "Worshiping At The Altar Of Artifice" has been completed (music & artwork) and approved by the label. We should have a release date soon!

10/2015: New Compilation Appearances

Our song Emulgent Disfigurement appears on the new 2CD compilation EBM & Industrial vol. 1 from Golden Core Records. Includes a ton of great acts like SITD, Alien Vampires, XMTP, Tyske Ludder, Vomito Negro, Shiv-r and many more! Zombie Girl's Panic Attack (Venal Flesh remix) also appears!

A crushing remix of our A Fire Infolding Itself by A7ie appears on this compilation from Polish label Halotan Records. Available as a free digital release and limited hardcopy!

[ check it out ]

New remix appearances

We are honored to have our remixes featured on the following recent releases:

XMH - Snakes EP
song: "Snakes (Venal Flesh remix")
label: Alfa Matrix

[ check it out ]

Matrix Downloaded 004
song: Zombie Girl - "Panic Attack (Venal Flesh remix)"
label: Alfa Matrix

[ check it out ]